Contractors’ Actual Contribution During Projects’ Implementation: Jordanian Construction Sector

Jamal M. Assbeihat


Many problems of construction industry are related to contractors. A question about how they actually deal with the awarded projects is raised in this paper. It aims at investigating the level of the contractors' contribution by their own facilities to works' execution, use of equipment, and project management, as the main fields of their responsibility for projects’ implementation. Results show that dependence on others in all main responsibilities is higher than the acceptable levels. According to the contractor's grade and specialty, a higher level of dependence has been observed in using equipment with lower significant differences, while project management and works’ execution show lower levels of dependence with higher significant differences in contribution percentages. It has been mentioned, that this situation appears for seeking low priced approaches for project implementation as a result of the current bidding system. The high level of dependence on others is expected to be a suitable atmosphere for the contractors’ problems with the projects’ implementation. There is a need for decreasing the level of dependence, as one of the approaches for competition and successful project implementation.


Jordanian contractors; construction management; project implementation; contractor's contribution; contractor's responsibilities

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