Asian versus Current Labor for the Construction Industry in Jordan: A Comparative View

Ghaleb Y. Abbasi, Haya S. Saleh


This study aimed at establishing a comparative study between the cost of “Asian” labor and “current” labor working in Jordan to determine the most economical alternative for construction projects in Jordan. Current labor consisted of Jordanian, Egyptian, Syrian, in addition to other nationalities. The monthly rates for the current labors were gathered from medium size construction contractors in Jordan, while the monthly rates for the Asian labors were gathered from similar construction firms based in Saudi Arabia employing Asian labor in their construction projects. Primavera Project Planner (P3) was used to generate baseline schedules. Economical comparison was done using incremental analysis. In conclusion, the cost difference between the two named labors is biased toward the Asian Labor, especially when it comes to skilled labor. However, other considerations should be taken since financial saving should not be solely considered.


Construction industry, contractors, labor cost, Asia, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

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