Domestic Septage Characteristics and Cotreatment Impacts on Albireh Wastewater Treatment Plant Efficiency

Rashed M.Y. Al-Sa’ed, Taghreed M. Hithnawi


This paper presents and discusses the potential impacts of domestic septage on Albireh Wastewater Treatment Plant (AWWTP). Using ANAwin, a German software package for sewage works design, the results obtained from septage lab analysis were utilized to simulate the impacts of daily loads on the oxidation ditch design parameters (sludge age, biosolids production rate, specific oxygen uptake rate), treatment efficiency and annual running costs. The septage received at AWWTP revealed a heterogeneous origin, with a variable volume (115-176 m3/d) and reached an average daily volume of 153 m3. The results of the investigation lead to a specific septage generation rate in Albireh city of about 1.2 m3 per capita per annum. The ANAwin software package confirmed the negative impacts of septage cotreatment on AWWTP unit operations design and deterioration of its effluent quality. However, further investigations are needed to find other septage disposal options and simulation tools to sustain domestic septage management and to protect both public health and environmental resources.


Albireh wastewater treatment plant, impact assessment, operational design parameters, oxidation ditch, septage quality, septage cotreatment, treatment efficiency

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