A Self-Assessment Model for King Abdullah II Award for Excellence

Ibrahim A. Rawabdeh


As Jordan confronts the realities of the changing global marketplace, the importance of quality to its competitiveness, productivity, and standard of living has become a clear reality. Stemming from this perspective, a Jordanian national quality award named King Abdullah II Award for Excellence was introduced. The award criteria establish guidelines that can be used by business organizations in evaluating their own quality improvement efforts. It also provides guidance to Jordanian companies by disseminating information which details the best-in-class organizations, in order to change their cultures and achieve eminence. This paper proposes a model that uses the criteria of the award as the basis for creating a self-assessment tool to measure quality performance in organizations. Accordingly, the award criteria was translated into a multi-item questionnaire and used to assess quality performance in various functions of an organization. Companies can analyze their assessment outcome through the results, and can use these results as the basis for future self-assessments and to set their action plans in order to maintain the continuous improvement process. The self-assessment model was validated by applying it on a recent winner of the award. High accuracy and validity were obtained from the analysis. Results showed significant correlation between the assessment score and the actual one that the award’s winner received in the 2003-2004 cycle of the award.


Total Quality Management, Self-Assessment, King Abdullah II Award for Excellence, Model, Jordan

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