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Vol 42, No 2 (2015) Development of Mental rotation Ability amongst a sample of Jordanian students Abstract   PDF
Waleed Hamed Alshgoor, Shadia Ahmad Al-Tal
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement-4 Deveploping A Strategy for Controlling Education Problems at Jordanian Private Schools Abstract   PDF
Hani Abed El-Rahman Al-Tawil, Lameeha Jawdat Al-Manseer
Vol 43 (2016): SUPPLEMENT-1 Differences in Bullying and Victimization between Optimistic Adolescents and those who are not Optimistic Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Abdul-Kareem M Jaradat
Vol 43 (2016): SUPPLEMENT-1 Differentiation of Self and Family Functioning and their Relationship with Social Anxiety and Depression in College Students Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Jehad Mahmoud Alaedein
Vol 38, No 2 (2011) Difficulties Facing Practical Education Students at the University of Jordan at the Practical Training University Abstract   PDF
Raed Abu-Latifeh, Shahinaz Isaa
Vol 44, No 4 (2017): Supplement 8 Dimensions of Dominant Ethical Climate from the Perspective of Faculty Members: A Field Study at Kuwait University Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Ahmad S. Alanezi, Anwar F. Alharshany
Vol 40 (2013): Supplement-1 Distinctive Patterns of Mood Among Table Tennis Players in Palestine Abstract   PDF
Ramzy Rasmy Jaber
Vol 37, No 1 (2010) Do Levels of Self-Esteem and Social Support Sources Predict Aggression Among College Students? Abstract   PDF
Jehad M. Alaedein
Vol 39, No 2 (2012) Dysmorphic Features of the Body and their Relationship to Social Anxiety, Among University of Jordan Students Abstract   PDF
Lina Farouq Abbas, Saleem Odeh AL Zboon
Vol 41, No 2 (2014) Educational Impacts for the Utilization of Internet in the Educational Process by Students from the Arab Open University- Jordan Branch Abstract   PDF
Khalid I. Ajlouni
Vol 35, No 2 (2008) Educational Investment Study to Higher Education At Undergraduate Level in Kuwait by Cost-Benefit Analysis for the Academic Year 2004/2005 Abstract   PDF
Anmar Al-Kilani, Meznah Al-A’azimi
Vol 43, No 3 (2016) Educational quality in Jordanian universities from the perspective of academic leaders and its relationship with some variables . Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Fawwaz Al-Harahsheh, Hazem Al-Momani
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement-4 Educational Research Problems from the Viewpoint of Faculty Members in the Educational Sciences Faculties in Jordanian public Universities Abstract   PDF
Ibrahim Al-Shar’i, Talal Zu’bi
Vol 47, No 1 (2020) Educational Satisfaction Degree among Secondary students about Educational Services that Presented to them in North AL Aghouar Educational Directorate Abstract   PDF   PDF
Muneera Al-shurman, Mohammad AL-fursan, Amal Malkawi
Vol 37, No 1 (2010) Educational Sciences Faculty (UNRWA) Students' Average Grades in the General Secondary School Examination and their Average Grades in their First Year of Study at the University As Predictors of their University Accumulative Grades Abstract   PDF
Moh'd Hasan Amayreh, Intisar Khalil Asha
Vol 42, No 1 (2015) Educational Supervisors Use of The Internet in Electronic Supervision in Education Directorates in Mafraq Governorate Abstract   PDF
Salem M. Mshawh Alswalmah, Salem maieof AL Swalmah
Vol 32, No 2 (2005) Educational Technology Competencies of Faculty Members in Teachers’ Colleges in Saudi Arabia and the Degree of Utilizing them Abstract   PDF
Abdul-Hafez Mohammad Salamah
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement-7 Educational Values for National Teams Players In Jordan Abstract   PDF
Ismat El-Kurdi, Abdalla Al-Makhadmeh
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement-5 Educational Values for Practicing Sport towardsPhysical Education Student in Jordan University Abstract   PDF
Waleed Al-Askar
Vol 42, No 2 (2015) Educational Values Included in the First Basic Grade Rhymes in Jordan Abstract   PDF
Bashaar A. Al-Saleem
Vol 44, No 4 (2017): supplement 3 Educational waste in the Faculty of Sciences in the Northern Borders University Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Saud R. Alrwaili
Vol 42, No 2 (2015) Effect of Emotion Focused Counseling Program in Reducing Insomnia and Improving Self-concept Abstract   PDF
Yahia Khatatbeh, Mohammed Hamdi
Vol 44, No 4 (2017): supplement 3 Effect of feeling of guilt on pessimism and obsession for a sample from the faculty of education in Hebron University/ Palestine. Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Jamal Z. Abu Marq
Vol 43, No 1 (2016) Effect of Gymnastics on the Dynamic Balance of the Jordanian National Team Players Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Basheer Alwan, Haitham Alnader, Aziz Rahamnah
Vol 35 (2008): Supplement Effect of Individual Anaerobic Threshold on Physiological Responses and Levels of Cortisol, Testosterone and Growth Hormone Abstract   PDF
Emad El-Deen S. Hassan
Vol 44, No 4 (2017): supplement 7 effect of protein supplementation on running time to fatigue and level of blood sugar and concentration of testosterone and cortisol hormones in long distance runners Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Mohammad F. Abu Mohammad
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement-5 Effect of Reciprocal Teaching Strategy on Primary 10th Grade Students' Geography Achievement and their Motivation to Learning Abstract   PDF
Ali Mohammad Abdulkarim Al-Kassab
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement-3 Effect of Resistance Exercise Training on C-reactive Protein Level in Healthy Men in Jordan Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Al Hindawi, Majed Mujalli
Vol 42, No 2 (2015) Effect of Six Thinking Hats Strategy in Development of Inferential Reading Comprehension for Fourth Grade Students in Bani Kennana District Abstract   PDF
Iman Ababneh
Vol 43 (2016): SUPPLEMENT-1 Effect of Strategy Depending on Habits of Mind in Changing The Alternative Concepts in Science and Acquiring Basic Science Processes for Basic Stage Students Abstract   PDF
monther bishara alswelmeen
Vol 39, No 1 (2012) Effect of Teaching Geometric By Using Instruction- Based Mathematical Thinking in Reaching to Mathematical Theories and their Proof Them and Application to the Tenth Grade Students in Jordan Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Al-Khateeb
Vol 38, No 2 (2011) Effect of Teaching Mathematics on Sixth Graders by Use of A Problem Solving- Strategy on the Number Sense and Computational Performance and Numerical Situations Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Al-Khateeb
Vol 44, No 4 (2017): supplement 5 Effect of teaching reading texts by using thinking aloud protocol and inquiry strategy in improving analytical reading and writing skills among the students of the fifth grade Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Yosra M. AlZyoud
Vol 37, No 2 (2010) Effect of Using Computerized Multimedia Shows in Teaching on the Jump-Shot Performance Skill Level in Basketball Abstract   PDF
Khalil H. Al Balawi
Vol 33, No 2 (2006) Effect of Using Feedback on Learning Fundamental Badminton Skills Abstract   PDF
Moen M. Al Khalaf, Sadiq K. Hayk
Vol 44, No 4 (2017): supplement 4 Effective differential reinforcement to improve attention and reduce hyperactivity among students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Vol 34, No 1 (2007) Effectiveness of a Behavioral Program in Reducing the Stereotypic Behavior of Mentally Retarded Children Abstract   PDF
Jamal M. Al-Khateeb, Atif A. Bahrawi
Vol 40 (2013): Supplement-1 Effectiveness of a Strategy Based on a Whole Language Approach in Teaching Reading on Improving Reading Comprehension Skills among Ninth Grade Basic Students Abstract   PDF
Abdelkareem Saleem Alhaddad
Vol 45, No 1 (2018) Effectiveness of a Training Program Based on Art Therapy to Reduce Functional Disorders of Students with Learning Disabilities Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Suha A. Bader
Vol 44, No 4 (2017): supplement 3 Effectiveness of a training Program Based on Differentiation Instruction Theory in Academic Achievement in Science, Self- Concept, and Parallel Thinking among Third Intermediate Grade Students Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Jawaher S. Alrashood, Mohammad B. Nofal
Vol 35, No 1 (2008) Effectiveness of Administrative Communication Among Academic Leaderships in Jordanian Public Universities Abstract   PDF
Ahmad F. AbuKaream, Salameh Y. Tanash
Vol 41, No 1 (2014) Effectiveness of an Inquiry-Based Computer Simulation in Developing Secondary School Students' Conceptual Understanding in Physics Abstract   PDF
Abeer Mohammed Al masoudi, Haya Mohammed Almazroui
Vol 41 (2014): SUPPLEMENT-1 Effectiveness of Assertiveness Training in Improving Self Esteem and Adjustment among Victims of Bullying Students Abstract   PDF
Adel G. Tannous, Mohammad K. Alkhawaldeh
Vol 35, No 1 (2008) Effectiveness of Basic Public Schools in Sultanate of Oman as Perceived by Supervisors, Principals, and Teachers Abstract   PDF
Sumaya Al-Barami, Salameh Y. Tanash
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement-7 Effectiveness of Counseling Lecture Session Based on Cognitive Therapy in Reducing Violence Tendency Among Students in Jordanian Universities Abstract   PDF
Mervat Abd Alrrhim Abu Said
Vol 43 (2016): SUPPLEMENT-5 Effectiveness of Educational Practicum Course on Improving Science Teaching Efficacy of Classroom Teacher Students at The World Islamic Science and Education University Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Ahmad Hassan Ayasrah
Vol 40, No 2 (2013) Effectiveness of Educational Program Based on The Interactive Thinking Tools in the Development of Creative Thinking Among Students with Hearing Impairment in the Basic Stage in Jordanian Sample Abstract   PDF
Khaled Yousef Asi, Ahmmad Abed Al Haleem Arabiat
Vol 44, No 4 (2017) Effectiveness of emotional-rational therapy in reducing depressive symptoms and Improving Self- Esteem among a sample of students with low emotional-behavioral traits Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Adel George Tannous
Vol 41, No 1 (2014) Effectiveness of Expressive Therapy in Reducing Psychological Disorders, Improving Self-Esteem, and Social Support among Addicts Abstract   PDF
Siham D. Abueita, Lena Al Haj Mahmud Hassan
Vol 44, No 4 (2017) Effectiveness of Group Cognitive Behavioral Counseling Program to Improve Vocational Satisfaction and Reduce Social Shyness among a sample of Midwifery and Allied Professions Students in Jordan Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Sabreen Hashem Arabiat, Saleem Odeh AlZboon
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