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Vol 43, No 2 (2016) The availability requirements of the application of e-learning in Jordan, from the point of view of a sample of teachers of Islamic education in the governorates of Jerash and Ajloun in Jordan Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Ahmad Mohamad Alzbon
Vol 44, No 4 (2017): Supplement 9 The Big Five Factors of Personality and ItsRelationship to Creative Thinking Skills, Among Gifted and Talented Students. Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Jamal A. Abu Zaitoun
Vol 40 (2013): SUPPLEMENT-4 The Case of the Violent Behavior Among Al-al Bayt University Students and the Effect of Some Variables on It from Students' perspectives Abstract   PDF
Mohamed M. Al-Khawaldeh, Reem M. Al-Zou'bi
Vol 36, No 1 (2009) The Checking Location of Track and Fields Players in Iraq and its Relation to their Motive Achievement Abstract   PDF
Amer S. Al-Khikani, Raed F. AbdulJabbar, Mohammad N. Al-Shimmari
Vol 38, No 1 (2011) The Concept of Knowledge Economy and the Roles of Teachers Renewable from the Viewpoint of Secondary Teachers in Jordan and its Relationship with some Variables Abstract   PDF
Natheer Sihan Abu-Nair, Khaled Ali Al Sarhan, Mohammad Saleem Al-Zboon
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement-5 The Concept of Total Quality Management in the Faculty of Physical Education in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Abstract   PDF
Kamal Jamil Al-Rabadi
Vol 44, No 4 (2017): supplement 4 The Consciousness Level for the Students of the Department of Islamic Studies at Taibah University about Contemporary Issues of Faith Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Awad A. Al-Jahni
Vol 32, No 1 (2005) The Construction of a Tailored Test in Mathematics for Grade 8 Students Using the Pyramidal Strategy According to Rasch Model in the Latent Trait Theory Abstract   PDF
Z. Y. Da’ana
Vol 34, No 2 (2007) The Contribution of Anthropometry and Physical Abilities In some Volleyball Skills performance Abstract   PDF
Arbee H. Al-Moghrabi, Abdelsalam J. Hussein
Vol 39, No 2 (2012) The Contribution of the Course of National Education in Promoting the Concepts of Political and National unity among the Students of Jordanian Universities from their Point of View Abstract   PDF
Amani Ghazi Jarrar, Ali Abdelkarim Al-Kassab
Vol 43 (2016): SUPPLEMENT-5 The contributions of Globalization and Informatics in the formation of values of young people from the standpoint of Taibah University students Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Majed M Alzyoudi
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement- 1 The Course of the Fundamentals of Islamic Education in Jazan University (K.S.A); from the University Students' Viewpoints: An Evaluative Study Abstract   PDF
Wae'l Abdurrahman AL-Tal
Vol 39, No 2 (2012) The Criterion of Health Subjects in the Islamic Education Curriculums for the Primary Stage According to Teachers’ Point of View Abstract   PDF
Ali N. Al-azzam, Fatima M. Al-Sroor, Mohammad N. Al-azzam
Vol 44, No 2 (2017) The Cultural Openness among a Sample of Students at Jordanian Governmental Universities and Its Relationship with their Religious Commitment Abstract   PDF ()
Qasim Mohammad Khazali
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement- 1 The Curriculum of the Arabic Language Grammar for the Upper Basic Stage in Jordan Between Planning and Implementation Abstract   PDF
Amin B. Al-Kukhon, Ihssan A. Yanes
Vol 43 (2016): SUPPLEMENT-1 The Degree of Accomplishing the Universal Professional Standards and Performance Indicators Concerning Graduates Faculty of Educational Sciences and Arts in UNRWA from their own Perspectives Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Ghazi Khader, Ibtisam Abu Khalifa
Vol 40, No 1 (2013) The Degree of Acquisition of Industrial Education Graduates in the Family of "Electric Power” To the Jordanian Career Standards As Shown In Their Results on "Tests - For - Practice" Abstract   PDF
Omar Musa Mahasneh, Mon'em A. Al-sa'aideh
Vol 44, No 4 (2017): supplement 7 The Degree of Administrative Control Application by Schools Principals private and public secondary school from Teachers Perspectives Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Orayb M. Saleh, Atef Y. Magableh
Vol 38, No 2 (2011) The Degree of Agreement Validity and Reliability Indices of Standardized Tests Used In the Theses Presented in the Faculties of Education in Jordanian Universities, With Indices of the Original Versions Abstract   PDF
Haidar I. Zaza
Vol 41, No 2 (2014) The Degree of Applying the Standards of Quality Assurance in Saudi Schools from the Educational Supervisors Point of View in Al-Medina Al-Munawara Abstract   PDF
Ali M. Al-Ghamdi
Vol 44, No 1 (2017) The Degree of Applying the Theoretical Frameworks of Child-Raising Speciall Courses in the Field of Training among the Female Students of Princess Alia University College Abstract   PDF (العربية)
mashhour tweigat tweigat, محمد ابراهيم القداح
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement-4 The Degree of Applying Total Quality Management Concepts In The Deanship of Student Affairs At Puplic Jordanian Universities Abstract   PDF
Ola Shafiq Al Qadi, Mohammad S. Al-Zboon
Vol 44, No 4 (2017): supplement 4 The Degree of Applying Total Quality Standards in Education Supervision by Religion Supervisors at Tabuk Municipality from Religion Teachers Perception Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Salama M. Al-Sharayre
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement- 1 The Degree of Arabic Language Teachers' Practice in Teaching Critical Reading at the Basic Tenth Grade and its Effect on Students’ Achievement and Attitudes Toward Reading Abstract   PDF
Suad Abd-Elkareem Alwaeli, Diya Mohammad Abu-Alruz
Vol 42, No 2 (2015) The Degree of Availability of University Instructional Design Standards in the Teaching Courses at the University of Jordan from the Faculty Members' Point of View Abstract   PDF
Narjes Abed Hamdi, Abeer K. Al-Thmeeri
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement-5 The Degree of Awareness of Faculty Members at Jordan University to the Concept of Open Access to Information as a New system for Scientific Communication Abstract   PDF
Younes Al-Shawabkah
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement-4 The Degree of Awareness of Faculty Members in Jordanian Universities Toward the Phenomenon of Globalization and there Perceptions to it's Effect on Cultural Identity Abstract   PDF
Malouh Mfadi Al Selehat, Mohammad Saleem Al Zboon, Asmaa Mohammad Jamous
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement-2 The Degree of Awareness of the Graduate Students at the University of Jordan towards the Concept of Information Literacy and their Level of Information Literacy Skills Abstract   PDF
Maisoon Bin Yahya, Narjes Hamdi
Vol 35, No 1 (2008) The Degree of Boredom Proneness of The Hashemite University Class Teachers Specialists and its Relation with Some Variables Abstract   PDF
Yazid I. Al-Surti
Vol 39, No 2 (2012) The Degree of Challenges that Face the Jordanian's Party Work as Perceived by Faculty Members: (The Political Science Department and professors of National Education course at the Universities of Jordan) Abstract   PDF
Mallouh Mfadi Al-slaihat
Vol 43, No 1 (2016) The Degree of Contribution of the Change in Family Demands, Family Sources and Family Perceptions in Explaining the Variance in both Family Empowerment and Family Support Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Laila Mohammad Damrah, jmail mahmmod Smadi
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement-4 The Degree of Educational Leaders Exercise to Organizational Conflict Management Strategies From the Viewpoint of Faculty at the University of Yarmouk Abstract   PDF
Amjad M. Daradkah
Vol 43, No 1 (2016) The Degree of Educational Supervisors' Use of Information and Communication Technology in Teachers' Training Programs in Jordan and the Difficulties that they encounter as Perceived by Teachers Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Mohammad Hasan Hamadat
Vol 40, No 1 (2013) The Degree of Effectiveness of the of the Methods of Professional Development Programs for Educational Supervisors in the Ministry of Education of Jordan from the Viewpoint of Educational Supervisors Abstract   PDF
Iman J. Abdulrahman
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement-3 The Degree of Employing Authentic Assessment Tools and Strategies by Teachers of the Lower Elementary Stage in Amman - Jordanian Schools from their Perspectives Abstract   PDF
Ibtisam Tawfiq Abu-Khalifeh, Ghazi Mohammad Khader, Intisar Khaleel Asha, Hanan Ahmad Hammash
Vol 44, No 2 (2017) The Degree of Faculty Members Acceptance for Administrative Work at the University of Jordan Abstract   PDF (العربية)
اسامه عادل حسونة, بشير محمد عربيات
Vol 38, No 2 (2011) The Degree of Faculty's Contribution to the Established Islamic Value System among Students in The King Khalid University as Perceived by University Students Abstract   PDF
Hani S. Al-Mqdadi
Vol 32, No 1 (2005) The Degree of Familiarity of Mutah University Faculty Members with the University Teaching Methods, the Degree of Using These Methods, and Proposed Ways of Developing them Abstract   PDF
Z. A. Al-Bashaireh, S. M. Al-Rawadhieh, A-H S. Al-Sultani
Vol 43 (2016): SUPPLEMENT-1 The Degree of Familiarity With Kindergarten Teachers to Child Rights Principles Contained in The National Curriculum in Jordan, from Interactive Education and Legal Perspective Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Saleem Al Zboon, Rida Al mwadiah, Baker Al Mawagedah
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement-5 The Degree of Fulfilling National Values by Students of Jordanian Private Universities through Their Study of the National Education Course. Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Al-Abadi, Reema Ghishaan
Vol 43 (2016): SUPPLEMENT-5 The Degree of Harmonization of Jordanian Higher Education Outputs to Labor Market Needs Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Azhar D Dagher, Ekhleif Y Tarawneh, Mohammad A AlQuda
Vol 44, No 1 (2017) The Degree of Hiring faculty members at the University of Umm Al-Qura for Scientific Researches and books in community service from viewpoint of the heads of their departments Abstract   PDF (العربية)
فائقه عباس سنبل
Vol 38, No 1 (2011) The Degree of History Teachers Use of Class Actions that Develop Student's Thinking Skills Abstract   PDF
Hani H. Obeidat
Vol 44, No 1 (2017) The degree of implementation of government school principals in Riyadh, for the electronic management concepts in the field of education and the difficulties they face Abstract   PDF (العربية)
العنود محمد الغيث
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement-4 The Degree of Implementation Potentials of Self- administrated Schools in Public Schools from Academic Leaders Perceptions in Riyadh Region of Saudi Arabia Abstract   PDF
Ali Mohammad Jubran, Radi bin Mheisen Al-Shammari
Vol 38 (2011): Supplement-4 The Degree of Importance and Practice of Islamic Education's Competences among Classroom Student-Teacher's During their Practicum Program at Hashemite University Abstract   PDF
Sadeq Al-Shudaifat, Ibrahim Hammad, Ibrahim Al Zo'ubi
Vol 43 (2016): SUPPLEMENT-5 The degree of interest of national and civic education text books in the upper basic stage of social problems through analyzing their content from teachers point of view Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Mohammed Suleiman Jawarneh, Ahmad AbdAlHafeed Hattab
Vol 44, No 4 (2017): supplement 2 The Degree of Jordanian Universities Staff Practices of to Technological Competencies from their point of view Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Ashraf M. Alghazo, Saleh N. Olimat
Vol 40, No 2 (2013) The Degree of Possession of Arabic Language Teachers to Education Technology Efficiencies from Their Point View Abstract   PDF
Abeer Rashed Alelaimat
Vol 43 (2016): SUPPLEMENT-3 The Degree of Practicing Public Secondary Schools Principals at Irbid Governorate for Leadership Change as perceived by Teachers Abstract   PDF (العربية)
Mayasm Fawzi Alaazzam
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