The Effective of a Group Counseling Program on Improving the Level of Vocational Development among Secondary School Students in Kuwait

Saleh Sh. Al-Saide


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effective of a group counseling on improving the level of vocational development among secondary school students in Kuwait. The sample of this study consisted of (40) male and female students. The sample of this study was randomly divided into two groups: an experimental group, which consisted of (20) students, and a control group which consisted of (20) students. The group counseling program was applied on the experimental group only. Two instruments were designed by the researcher: vocational development scale and group counseling program. The results indicated that there were significant differences between the two groups on the level of vocation development in favor of the experimental group. No significant differences were found in the level of vocational development due to gender and the students major, and the interaction between them.


Keuwords: Group counseling Program, Vocational development.


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