Method of (SCORING RUBRICS) in Performance Assessment and Its Impact in The Achievement of First Secondary Students in Mathematics

Eidah Mnaizel AlRwaili


This study sought to identify the method of (SCORING RUBRICS) in performance assessment and its impact in the achievement of first secondary students in mathematic. To achieve the study goal, this study selected intentional sample during the second semester of the academic year (1435/1436 AH). Population of this study was (N=29) student of experimental sample, and (N=28) student of control sample.
Achievement test preparation (N=20) paragraph of multiple-choice, and attitudes scale amounted (N=30) paragraph.
To extract the results of this study were used the following statistical analyzes: extract averages, standard deviations, the use of the accompanying analysis of variance (ANCOVA).
Results showed the presence of statistically significant differences for students of experimental group on the posttest achievement test in favor of those who studied method of scoring rubrics of experimental group, and the presence of statistically significant differences between the averages of estimates students of the experimental group on a dimensional directions scale in favor of experimental group in mathematics. This study recommended need to employ scoring rubrics in the evaluation of students in mathematics.

Keywords: Method of Scoring Rubrics, Performance Assessment, Achievement, Trends, Mathematics.


طريقة قواعد التصحيح, تقييم الأداء, التحصيل, الاتجاهات, مادة الرياضيات.


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