A Proposed Model Using Ict with Training To Increase the Research Productivity of University Academics

Sujit K. Basak, Desmond W. Govender


This paper presents a model regarding Information and Communication Technology (ICT) (SPSS, AMOS, Turnitin, EndNote and NVivo) with training to increase the research productivity of university academics. This aim was achieved by examining academic staff (ICT uses with training) to increase research productivity and the study was experimental and conducted at a public university in South Africa. The target population for the experiment consisted of academic staff from a university. The questionnaire was used based on two the theoretical frameworks, namely Technology Acceptance Model and Training Needs Assessment Model. The data were analyzed using WarpPLS 4.0 software. The main results of this study are a model, derived from the experiment and it has a high significant impact ( ) on research productivity. In this regard, universities need to formulate strategies on ICT with training for researchers to use each software package in relation to improve their research productivity


Model, ICT Training, Increase, Research Productivity, University Academics.


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