The Effect of Using the Workshop Conversation Approach with the Five-Student Groups in Achievement of Tenth Grade Students in Pre-Vocational Education

Omar M. Mahasneh, Alia A. Alazmai


The study aimed to detect the effect of using workshop conversation approach with the five groups in the achievement of the tenth grade students in pre-vocational education compared to the traditional style. The study sample consisted of (60) female students from the tenth grade in one of the schools in the zarqa governarate in jordan, which consisted of two classes, represented the experimental group, while the other represented the control group. The two groups were tested according to the achievement test. Means scores, standard deviations were calculated for the means of the groups and (ANCOVA) was utilized to test the statistical significance of the differences. Results showed statistically significant differences in mean scores between the experimental group and control group to the reference of the experimental group.


Workshop Conversation, Five Groups, Achievement, Pre-Vocational Education.

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