Reflective Thinking and Its Relationship with Some Demographic Variables among Gifted Students in King Abdullah II Schools for Excellence in Jordan

Naji M AlSaydeh


This study aimed to identify the reflective thinking and its relationship with some demographic variables among gifted students in King Abdullah II schools for Excellence in Jordan, by identifying the differences at the level of reflective thinking depending on the sex, and educational stage variables. The study has been applied with a simple random sample consisted of (131) students by (65 male) and (66 female) students. The researcher used the (Eisenach and Wilson) scale which developed by Barakat (2005), and consists (30) items. The study results showed that the level of reflective thinking among students was middle in average, and there were statistically significant differences in the level of reflective thinking due to the sex variable in favor of males, and due to the school stage variable in favor of secondary school students, and the results also indicated that there is no interaction between the variables of sex and grade level in reflective thinking. The researcher recommends the importance of training students to learn strategies in reflective thinking by teachers in educational lessons.


Reflective thinking, Gifted students


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