Change Leadership Practices of Kuwaiti Secondary Schools Heads of English Departments

Mohammed AlSharija, Asma AlOtaibi, Samya AlAqeel


This study aimed to identify to what extent the heads of English departments (HOD) at Kuwaiti secondary schools do practise change leadership skills from their followers’ perception, and the effects of some variables on that. The study followed the descriptive method to achieve its purposes. So, a questionnaire has been developed consisting (30) questions which were distributed among (5) major leadership practices dimensions. After ensuring the credibility and validity of the instrument, it was administrated for (173) teachers working in (28) schools male and female schools, which were from different six educational districts. After proceeding the suitable statistics, the results showed that HODs of English practice for the constructed change leadership skills at high levels, except for the strategic planning skill which was at an average. Also the results showed that there were no satirical differences because of gender, years of experiences. Whereas, there were differences between educational districts especially between Aljahra and Alfarwaniah and they were for Alfarwaniah. In light of these results, the study suggests some recommendations which provide insight into the current situation, such as focusing on strategic planning skill and implementing technology to serve it. In addition more research must be conducted in order to ensure the importance of having change leadership skills by different educational decision makers.


Skills, Change Leadership, Heads of English Department.


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