The Degree of Practicing Public Secondary Schools Principals at Irbid Governorate for Leadership Change as perceived by Teachers

Mayasm Fawzi Alaazzam


The study aimed to identify the degree of practicing public secondary school principals at Irbid governorate for leadership change. as perceived by teachers, and the descriptive survey method was used. The study sample consisted of (485) male and female teachers from the first and second departments of Education in Irbid who were randomly selected. The results of the study showed the following: The degree of practicing the secondary school principals for leadership change is moderate in the fields of the future vision, the formulation of goals, the innovation and creativity among employees, the good example, the organizational culture in support for the leadership change, the structural change and creating the appropriate environment for change. The results also showed that there were no statistically significant differences for the assessment of teachers for the degree of practicing public secondary schools principals at Irbid governorate for leadership change according to the variables of gender, scientific level, years of experience, and the department. building on the results of the study recommended that the study, to: modify the practices leading to the school principal to achieve the desired change high flexibility, holding educational sessions for school administrators about areas and applications of leadership change and on the formulation of the vision, mission and focus on managers in the field of future objectives


Degree of Practicing, Leadership Change, Public Secondary School Principles


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