The effectiveness of Virginia Satir's Model in Improving Marital Communication Patterns among a Sample of Wives in Al-Zarqa Governorate

Mohamad Taha Bny Salameh, Abdul-Kareem M. Jaradat


Abstract: This study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of Virginia Satir's model in improving marital communication among a sample of wives at Al-Zarqa governorate in Jordan. The study sample consisted of 20 wives coming to the social development center at Al-Zarqa Camp-UNRWA. An adapted version of the marital communication scale, derived from RELATE, was used. The participants were randomly assigned into two equal groups: Experimental group and control group. The experimental group received a counseling program based on Virginia Satir's model, while the control group didn't receive any treatment. Results showed that the mean scores of the experimental group were significantly higher in both post-test and follow up test on the positive communication subscales (clear sending, empathic communication, love), and significantly lower on the negative communication subscales (criticism, contempt/defensiveness, stonewalling, flooding in conflict management), compared with the control group.


Keywords: marital communication, positive communication patterns, negative communication patterns).

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