The Effect of A Proposed Sport Program on Some Sociobiological Variables Upon Juvenile Delinquents

Hadi S. AL-sabban, Samira M. Orabi


This study aimed at identifying the impact of a proposed sport programme on some sociological variables (Personal and adjust ment)and sdeated biological variables (systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, heart rate at rest, breathing rate at rest, nor-adrenalin and adrenaline hormone.The study sample consisted of 16 juvenile delinquents at juvenile Care Institution for Education and Rehabitilation in Irbid, Jordan . average age (17.1 years),+ (0.77), average height (166.8cm), + (5.21), average weight (62.35kg), + (10.83).The experimental Method was used to achieve the aims of the study, (pre and post measurements for one experimental group). The subjects of the study were exposed to the proposed sport programme for eight weeks(three sessions a week), 60-90 minutes each, the statistical treatment using; mean , standard deviation, t.Test for the correlated samples and Pearson correlation coefficient.
The findings of the study reveals a positive effect of the proposed programme on the selected sociobiological variables represented by a significant improvement in the biological level and in increasment in personal and social adjustment level. Thus, the researchers recommends the implementation of the proposed sport programme on different samples of juvenile delinquents in Jordan.


Sport Program, Sociobiological Variables, Juvenile Delinquents

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