Forms of Pedagogical Content Knowledge among Science and Mathematics Teachers at Third Grade in UNRWA Schools in Jordan and How it is Influenced by Their Educational Beliefs

Sameera Saleh Ghnaim, Eman R Abed, Amal Najati Ayyash


The purpose of this study was to investigate the forms of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) as being influenced by the teachers’ personal educational beliefs. To achieve the aims of the study, a sample consisted of (4) teachers (2 males, 2 females) selected according to the purposeful way. The instrument of the study was a number of interviews. The researchers analyzed the lessons of four expert teachers who teach Science and Mathematics for third grade in UNRWA schools and all the teachers were interviewed while an inductive analysis was used to fit the validation. The results of the study revealed that the teachers had different levels of PCK in mathematics and science. The influence of teachers’ depth of understanding of content and its structures was evident in their modification of textbook content through the use of illustrative representations. The results showed that the teacher’s individual educational beliefs had directed his/ her practices and instructional decisions. The study recommended the necessity of developing the teachers programs by focusing on pedagogical content knowledge.


Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Beliefs, Teaching, Learning.


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