The Scope of Understanding the Concept of Citizenship By Jordanian University Students

Sameh Mohammed Mahafza


Universities remain a main vehicle for the transmission of democratic values and play a large role in educating students for democracy and citizens for active and reflective practices. Therefore, this study aimed to examine the Jordanian university students' knowledge of the citizenship concept. This study also aimed to reveal if there are significant differences (a=0.05) in knowledge of citizenship concept due to sex, residency and college variables. To achieve this goal the researcher utilized a tool consisted of (35) items that cover four dimensions: freedom and political participation, identity, sense of belonging, and pluralism and openness.
Findings of the study revealed that:
- The total level of all dimensions on the Jordanian university students toward the concept of citizenship was high.
- There were significant differences among student with regard to sex variable on the dimensions of identity, pluralism, and freedom and political participation, in favor of males.
- There were significant differences among rural and urban students on the dimensions of loyalty in favor of rural students, and in favor of urban students’ on the dimension of freedom and political participation.
- There were significant differences among students of scientific and humanistic colleges on the dimensions of pluralism and freedom and political participation in favor of humanistic colleges.
In light of the study, the researcher recommends the following:
- Civic Education course should be sustained by democratic principles, pluralism and openness, political participation, and sense of belonging.
- Non-governmental organizationd should give a role in political socialization and citizenship education.
Jordanian mass media should carry out information programs related to citizenship, identity and loyalty.


Citizenship, Identity, Pluralism, Political Participation, Jordanian University Students

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