The Effect of Cognitive Behavioral Trauma Focused Therapy Model on Sample of War Children's Depression Symptomatology

Jalal K. Damra, Yahia H. Nassar


The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of the Trauma Focused - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model (TF- CBT) on the depression symptoms for war victims children. 30 Iraqi children participated in this study who fled from Iraq during (1st June 2009 -1st June 2010) were distributed into 2 groups, experimental and control group. The Children Depression Inventory (CDI) which was prepared by Kovacs (1985) consisted of 26 items distributed on different 5 sub dimensions was used. The therapeutic TF- CBT program included 12 treatment sessions, 2 sessions per week. The study findings indicated the efficacy of the TF- CBT on decreasing the children's depression symptomatology. The study recommended the importance of having more studies for investigating the TF- CBT effect on other war refugee children's mental health aspects (e.g. anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder) and building the workers and counselors capacities to implement and utilize such therapeutic programs.


War Children, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (FT- CBT).

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