The Preparation of the Student Teacher and it's Relation with the Beneficiary of Information in the Faculty of the Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the Hashemite University

Ibrahim A. Salamah, Wadei' Y. Al-Takreeti


The main purpose of this study was to evaluate the capabilities of the physical education students in college of physical education and sport sciences in Hashemite University their practical training in addition to explore the differences in preparation level, benefits from information introduced in practical Training and the order of educational skills in the training programs.

Forty one students representing 36.36% of the study population were chosen to participate in this discreptive study, they responded to 72 items valid and reliable questionnaire.

The results showed that there were no signification differences between preparation level and the benefits of information or the study plan subscale, more over, there were significant difference on the prepation level in the physical education college in the following subscales objectives educational home works type of PE lessons planned teaching methods ways of organizing and evaluating PE lessons. Finally, there was a significant correlations between the level of preparation and the benefits of information introduced in the practical Training.


The Student Teacher, Practical Training, Practical Preperation.

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