The Effect of Gender, Academic Achievement and the Student's Academic Level on Reading Graphs in the Physics Department

Talal A. Al-Zoabi


The study aimed at investigating the ability of Al-Hussein Bin Talal University students in the physics department to read graphs and how it is affected by the variables of gender, academic achievement and the students’ academic level. To conduct this study, the researcher has prepared a test to measure the ability level of the students in reading graphs. The study considered all physics students in the physics department total of (208), male (105) and female (103).

After computing the arithmetic means and standard deviations for the students’ scores of the ability test, and the usage of (T) test to compare between averages in addition to variation analysis and Tuki test. The study findings refer to the existence of significant statistical variables α=(0.05) between the students mean score and the score proposed by the referees’. The other finding emphasized the strong relationship between the student’s academic level and their scores, but this relationship does not exist in the arithmetic means of the students’ ability to read graphs due to gender.

The study recommended: Increasing interest in designing tables and graphs during laboratory work, and faculty member should focus on explaining the graphs included in the text books, and to include the explanation and prediction skills for the data included in the tables and graphs in the university tests.


Reading Graphs, Physics Department, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University.

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