The Effect of a Training Program for Successful Intelligence Based on Sternberg's Model and Metacognitive Thinking Skills on Sixth - Grade Students' Degree of Critical Thinking Practice in Jordan

Amjad F Alrkebaat, Yousuf M Qatami


The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of a training program for successful intelligence based on Sternberg's model and metacognitive thinking skills on sixth - grade students' degree of critical thinking practice in Jordan, the study sample consisted of (60) students (30 males/30 females), randomly selected and divided into two equivalent groups: control and experimental, a training program was designed and applied to the experimental group, the rate of (28) training session, The Critical Thinking Appraisal which was built according to the skills model (Watson - Glaser) was conducted on all the members of the sample as a pre and post-test, the results indicated that, first, the training program had a significant effect on the degree of critical thinking practice, Second, no differences were attributable to gender, and the level of academic achievement


Successful Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Metacognitive Skills.


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