Student Perceptions of Quality E-Learning: An Analytical Case Study of a Two-Year Public Community College in Virginia, United Sates of America

Abdelsalam H. Al-Mala


This study applied the principles of quality e-learning- specifically relating to the nature and extent of institutional support, the teaching/learning environment, course structure, student support and evaluation and assessment- to evaluate the e-learning environment, based on e-learners’ perspectives, at the second largest community college in the United States of America, namely Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC).

The study participants’ perceptions indicated that the quality of e-learning at the NVCC could be improved. Recommendations for enhancing e-learning focus on issues such as upgrading from Blackboard Academic Suite 5 to 6, diversifying the Web-based e-learning delivery system, providing training for students, improving course structure, providing students with effective support systems, and using course evaluation data to periodically assess these courses’ quality. Responding to these recommendations positively, comprehensively and in a timely manner would increase the quality of e-learning courses at the NVCC and other institutions of higher education. would increase.


Quality e-Learning, Institutional Support, Teaching/Learning

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