The Effectiveness of A Counseling Program Based on Play Therapy in Improving Level of Social Skills, and Resilience in a Sample of Physically Abused Children

Ola Abd Alkareem, Nasemah Dawoud


The aim of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of a counseling program based on play therapy in improving level of social skills, and resiliencein a sample of physically abused children.
The sample consisted of six physically abused children (two males, and four females) at the Hussein Social Institute. The single case study design was used, and the sample was chosen purposively. Two instruments were used: Social Skills scale, and Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale.
Validity and reliability have been established for the two scales for the Jordanian sample, and applided, pre and post treatment. The counseling program was administered in fifteen sessions; ten of those sessions were administered individually to all children, and five group sessions were administered to all children together in a game room.
The results showed significant improvement on the instruments according to the post scores for all children, which indicates the effectiveness of the counseling program. The study recommends that the institution caring for abused children benefit from such programs.


Therapy Program, Social Skills, Psychological Resilience, Physically Abused Children

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