Preferably of Health Resources Knowledge According to its Importance and Utility As Perceived by Jordan High Basic Stage’s Students

Mahmoud H. Bani Khalaf


This research aimed at identificating the health resources knowledge according to its importance and utility as perceived by high basic stage’s students, and whether the variables of: sex, grade level, parents’ education and educational zone affect this preferably or not?

Random sampling consisted of (671) students; the researcher developed a questionnaire of (24) items. Its validity and reliability were established. Findings showed a wide range of health resources knowledge by Al-Karak high basic stage’s students. Also it found that, the heath resources of family members, school textbooks, teachers, health centers, television, school visitors and internet respectively, were the most preferable health resources, while the video tapes was the least important health resource. Also findings showed that no significant differences regarding sex, while there were significant differences regarding grade level, father education, mother education, and educational region. Finally, some recommendations introduced to those concerned in the area and for butter research.


Health resources knowledge, Basic Stage’s Students, Health Education

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