Level of Problems Intensity Facing Implementation of Student Teaching Practice as Estimated by Co-operative Schools’ Head teachers

Mahmoud H. Bani Khalaf


This research aimed to identify the level of problems intensity facing implementation of Student Teaching Practice as estimated by Co-operative Schools’ Headteachers. In addition, it aimed at identifying If there is any significant differences regarding the research variables, namely: number of years dealing with PE- Course, availability of PE- Course instructions in schools, gender of supervisor and student\ teacher specialisation. The research population and its sample consisted of (158) schools of the population of the research, the used instrument was a questionnaire consisted of (30) items.

Findings showed three domains of problems queued in terms of its intensity as follows: problems related to Student teaching Practice, problems related to student teachers, problems related to student teachers’ supervisor. In addition, findings showed significant differences for all mentioned variables.


Teaching practice, Co-operative schools, Student teachers, Problems of Teaching practice, Head teachs

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