Physical Fitness Cognitive Domain for the Students at Faculty of Physical Education at University of Jordan

Walead A. Al-Rahahleh


The purpose of this study was to identify the cognitive level in the domain of physical education for the students of faculty of physical education at University of Jordan and to investigate differences according to gender, year level and practice.

The descriptive approach was used. The sample (215) student was selected randomly and represented the four years students (49:1st year, 46:2nd year, 65:3rd year and 55:4th year).

The scale of physical fitness by Amin Khouli was used (after it was tested for validity and reliability on different sample).

Results showed that the cognitive level was weak (60.42%) and that the cognitive level was increasingly corresponding to year ascending. There was no significant difference according to gender non practice.

It was recommended to take care about the theoretical part of the physical preparation course and sport training in addition to make the course of physical fitness as compulsory course. It was recommended also to develop the personal physical fitness items in all games (individual and team games).


The Cognitive Level, Physical Fitness, The Students of Physical Education

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