The Effect of Some Socio-economic and Academic Variables on the Tendency Towards Aggressive Behavior in the Students of the Hashemite University

Sameh M. Mahafza, Zuhair H. Al-Zu’bi


The aim of this study is to answer the following two questions:

1-        To what degree are the students of the Hashemite University inclined towards aggressive behavior?

2-        Are there any significant differences towards aggressive behavior due to: sex, residence and student’s academic level?

The total number of students (13974) enrolled in the 2nd semester of the year 2003/2004 at the Hashemite University comprises the population of this study, while the sample of the study, which was randomly selected, totaled 959, that is about 7% of the study population.

To investigate the effect of students’ tendency towards aggressive behavior, a questionnaire was developed to obtain the data required for this study. In analyzing the data obtained, the researcher used percentages, means, standard deviations as well as the T-test and One-way ANOVA to spot the statistically significant differences. Besides, L.S.D. test was used to identify the statistically significant differences between groups.

The findings of the study indicated the following results: First, there was a higher tendency towards self-aggression compared to aggression towards others.

Second, all dimensions of the tendency towards aggressive behavior displayed low varying degrees.

Moreover, the findings showed that the independent variables mentioned above do affect the tendency towards aggressive behavior.

Finally, the results revealed that there were significant differences on the six dimensions due to sex, residence and academic level.


Socio-Economic Variables, Aggressive Behavior, The Students of the Hashemite University

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