The Effectiveness of the Type of Curriculum on Oral Communication among Kindergarteners in Al-Koura District in Jordan

M. Baniyasin, R. Khudair, K. Barri


This study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of the type of curriculum on oral communication among kindergarteners in Al- koura district in Jordan. To achieve the aim of the study a situational oral communication test was constructed. The sample of the study consisted of (63) kindergarteners purposefully selected from the public schools of Al-koura directorate of education. The students were randomly divided into three equal groups; (21) students in the first group taught by computerized interactive curriculum, (21) students in the second group taught by uncomputerized interactive curriculum, and (21) students in the third group not taught by interactive curriculum. The results of the study revealed that there were statistical significant differences at the level (α≤ 0.05) between the performance means of the three groups in the post lest in the favor of the first one taught by the computerized interactive curriculum, and between second group taught by uncomputrized interactive curriculum and third group not taught by interactive curriculum in the favor of the second one.


Computerized Interactive Curriculum, Oral Communication

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