Development of Mental rotation Ability amongst a sample of Jordanian students

Waleed Hamed Alshgoor, Shadia Ahmad Al-Tal


The present study aims at exploring the development of mental rotation amongst a sample of Jordanian students aged 6-14 and spotting the differences in ability to mental rotation , in terms of the variables of age gender and angle of rotation. This sample, which comprises 180 basic education students of Amman Education Directorate Second Zone. test of computerized mental rotation ability has been used as a study tool. The test consists of 84 tasks. The results of the study show that the individual ability mental rotation increases with age. The feedback time tends to decline. As for the rotation angle variable, it has been shown that the more the rotation angle is, the less correct answers are.
Regarding the feedback means, it has been proved that no differences are attributed to rotation angle. It has also been proved that males are of more ability for mental rotation with regard to the number of correct answers. As The Feed back results had show no differences in terms of Gender at rotation angle.


mental rotation, rotation angle, sex differences, mental development.

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