Mental Imagery and its Relation With Kinesthetic Sense Perception among National Jordanian Swimming Team

Mohammad H. Abu-Altaieb


This study aimed at investigating the relationship between mental imagery and kinesthetic sense perception among National Jordanian Swimming Team.
Ten male and female swimmers from National Jordanian Swimming Team participated in this study. The participants completed Mental Imagery Scale in Sports (Sham'on & Isma'el, 1999), Test of Kinesthetic sense perception with 75% of their best time in 50m crawl, and test of Kinesthetic sense perception with 15m dive-start swim. Data were analyzed using, means, standard deviations, person correlation coefficients, frequency, and T-test.
The results indicated that the overall level of Mental Imagery was moderate. The mean of male swimmers was 13.96 and The mean of females 13.08, and the mean of error sense of 75% intensity of 50m crawl best time for male swimmers was 1.33 seconds and for female swimmers was 4.44 seconds. The results also showed a significant relationship between Kinesthetic sense perception variables and mental imagery (visual and internal imagery).
The researcher recommended paying more attention to the development of Kinesthetic perception for swimmers in order to prevent fatigue and exhaustion, and to enable the swimmer to distribute his\her effort during the competition. Moreover, attention to mental imagery should be paid because of its importance to achievement level and achieving training objectives.


Mental Imagery, Kinesthetic Sense perception, Swimming.

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