Development of a Big Five-Factor Instrument of Personality-Short Form

Sharaf Hamed Alahmadi


This study aimed to develop a Big Five-Factor Instrument of personality-Short Form**. It is a relatively new short instrument consisting of 20 items and built according to the modern theory of personality represented in the Big Five Factors Model. The items were formulated to fit female study samples and the measure was administered to a sample of 541 female students from the University of Taibah (Saudi Arabia).
Factor analysis revealed five factors: Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness to Experience, Agreeableness.
To investigate the Instrument validity indicators; the test validity has been studied using: (factor validity, convergent and discriminant validity), while the reliability was examined using: (Cronbach's Alpha coefficient (internal consistency), and test-retest).
The overall results of the study indicate the ability to extract the five factors, and the measure has shown appropriate validity and reliability indicators, quite acceptable for this kind of instruments, making it a viable applicable tool with reliable results. The study has recommended further examination especially on other samples.


Big Five personality dimensions, Big Five Factors Model, short measures, reliability, validity.

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