The Effectiveness of a Training Program in Treating the Difficulties of Written Expression Among Hearing Impaired Students in Jordan

Faisal S. Al-Hayek, Ibrahim A. El-Zraigat


The aim of the study was investigating the effectiveness of a training program in treating the difficulties of written expression among hearing-impaired students in Jordan. The quasi-experimental design was used in applying the training program of the written expression on the sample members who were chosen from Al-Amal School, Queen Alia School, and Al-Raja School. The sample consisted of (52) students from the sixth grade. The members of the sample were randomly distributed into two groups: an experimental group which included (24) students, and were trained on the written expression program, and a controlling group which included 28 students, and did not receive any training. The written expression test and a training program was developed. The results of the study indicated that the hearing-impaired students had difficulties in written expression in terms of form and content. Also, the study indicated to the effectiveness of the training program in improving the written expression skills in the dimensions of content and form. The study recommends the need for paying attention to the functional written expression skills among the hearing-impaired students and adding exercises related to the written expression skills in the hearing-impaired students’ curricula.


Hearing-impaired students, Writing, written expression, Special education

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