The Impact of Wegner Method in Teaching Beginners Some of the Skills in Tennis

Ameen Nasrawi, Mo’en Khalaf


The purpose of the study was to investigate the effect of the use of the Wegner method in teaching beginners some of the skills in tennis, and to determine the most effective way in which the beginners learn better.
The study sample consisted of (30) male students aged (8-10) years, they were divided into two groups; (15) the control group, utilized the traditional method of learning, while the test group (15) learner used the Wegner method.
The study found that, both methods traditional and Wegner had positive influence in the teaching of students forehand and backhand ground strokes, the statistic showed evidence of the Wegner method in the speed of learning and in teaching the skills of the game, especially the coordination and accuracy in performance.
The researchers recommended to use the Wegner method in the teaching students age (8-10) forehand and backhand ground strokes, and distribute the results of the study among specialists and those interested in the game, as well as to conduct studies to determine the effect of this method in teaching other skills in tennis.


Tennis, Forehand, Backhand, Wegner Method.

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