The Degree of Contribution of the Change in Family Demands, Family Sources and Family Perceptions in Explaining the Variance in both Family Empowerment and Family Support

Laila Mohammad Damrah, jmail mahmmod Smadi


The purpose of this study is to investigate the degree of contribution of the change in family demands, family sources and family perceptions in explaining the variance in both family empowerment and family support.
The sample of the study consisted of (120) families of Mental Retardation children, Autism, Physical disability, Hearing disability and Visual impairment as follows: (40) families with mental Retardation children, (20) families for each kind of disability such as Autism, physical disability, hearing disability and Visual impairment. The sample was chosen purposefully from the families that agreed to participate in this study after inviting all the families of disabled Children to participate in this study. Moreover, The sample consisted of (50) families with normal children studying in regular schools close to special needs Centers, therefore, the sample consisted of (170) families.
To achieve the aim of this study the researcher prepared an Arabized form of Family empowerment scale, family support scale, Child behavior checklist, social support Index, The Family Elementary School Practices Scale, And The Parenting Stress Index. The researcher calculated reliability and validity of those tools then administrated them on participants. The findings of the study indicated the variable of Family demands contributes on only (0.028) in the variance rate of family empowerment while, the variables of family resources and family realizations don’t contribute in the variance rate in both family empowerment and family support.


Family Demands, Family Sources, Family Empowerment.


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