Level of Social Acceptance and Interaction among Integrated Students with Visual Impairment in Jordanian Regular Schools

Feryal Abdul Hadi Shnaikat


This study aimed at identifying the level of acceptance and interaction of students with visual impairments who are intergrated in regular schools,in Jordan as well as exploring the impact of the study variables including gender, grade, level of disability on the level of acceptance and social interaction of students with visual impairments.
The sample of the study consisted of 100 students (50) students with VI and 50 students without VI. To meet the research objectives, the researcher developed a 62-item questionnaire and checked its validity and reliability.
Results of the study revealed that the social acceptance of the students without visual impairments to the students with visual impairments was ranked the highest with (2.82), followed by the acceptance of the blind to the sighted students (2.52).
Results also showed that there is a statistical difference attributed to the level of disability. The results also showed that there is no statistical difference attributed to gender and class.


Social Acceptance, Interaction, Students, Visual Impairment

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