The Psychometric Characteristics c of A Syrian Version of the Gilliam Autism Rating Scale (GARS-2)

Raid Sheikh Theeb


This study aimed at identifying the psychometric characteristics of a Syrian version of the GARS-2. The original scale was translated to the Arabic language. The Arabic version of the scale was administered to a total of (240) Syrian individuals served as a sample of the study. The sample consisted of (176) individuals with autism disorder, (31) individuals with mental retardation and (33) individuals without any disabilities. Validity and reliability coefficient were calculated.
The result of the validity showed that the scale has content validity indicators by its development and translation, discriminate validity by discriminating between the three different groups: individuals with autism, mental retardation, and non disabilities. Construct validity was calculated for the scale using the correlation between the sub-scales and the total score Pearson correlation ranged (0.757-0.886).
The results of the reliability using the agreement among raters showed that the scale has inter-rater reliability ranged (0.829-0.9.6) and internal consistency ranged (0.891-0.934). The study then suggested further study on the scale in the Syrian Society.


Special Education, Autism, Gilliam Rating Scale, Syria.

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