The Degree of Effectiveness of the of the Methods of Professional Development Programs for Educational Supervisors in the Ministry of Education of Jordan from the Viewpoint of Educational Supervisors

Iman J. Abdulrahman


This study aimed at measuring the degree of effectiveness of the methods of the professional development programs for educational supervisors in the Ministry of Education of Jordan from the viewpoint of educational supervisors. In order to achieve the studies purpose, a questionnaire was formed to Measure the Effectiveness of the educational supervisor's professional development programs from their point of view, consisted of (62) items distributed into seven domains. after making sure of their reliability and validity, they were applied on the study sample which was (279) male and female supervisors whom were chosen by a random cluster in strumpet, In three geographic districts of the kingdom.
After analyzing the results the study showed that: the degree of the program’s effectiveness in general as seen by educational supervisors was in middle degree in most it's items and domains. Also, the study showed that there were statistical differences of professional development programs according to the variable of sex in favor of males and according to the variable of years of experience variable and in favor of Supervisors with experience of more than (10) years.
In light of these findings, the researcher recommends the necessity of involving the Educational Supervisors in Process of manning Planes and Programs according to their requirements to Encourage Supervisors to Professional Development.


The Effectiveness, Professional Development Programs, Educational Supervisor's, Ministry of Education of Jordan.

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