The Questioning Skills in Teaching the Grammar of Arabic Language by Field Student Teachers (An Evaluative Study)

Su’ad A. Abbas, Akram A. Basheer


This study aimed at investigating the extent to which student teachers practice to fifth and sixth grades. For the purpose of the study, a sample of 14 public schools was chosen from Zarqa Directorate of Education, The sample chosen were those which cooperated with the Hashemite University in training field student teachers. The instrument used was a form allotted to note-taking. This form consisted of (30) items distributed to two dimensions, which are: asking questioning (N=18) and receiving answers (N=22). Results indicated weakness in the performance level of male and female trainees with regard to all kinds of questioning questions. Results also showed discrepancy between student teachers’ practices in respect of these skills. In light of study results, the researchers recommended a number of suggestions and / or implications.


Questioning Skills, Arabic Language Grammar, Field Teaching, Teaching the Arabic Language

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