The Influence of Some Types of Feedback on Learning Activity of Disc Throwing

Raid F. Abdul-Jabbar, Abdul-Ameer S. Mohammad, Amal A. Slumi


The educational processes depend basically on the ability of the instructor which is one of the three basic elements beside the curriculum and the syllabus visual aids, and the learner. The importance of the research lies in using three types of feedback on the level of performance and achievement on the activity of disc throwing for the students of the college of physical Education in Babylon University.

There are different types of feedback and each type has its features as for the “time, place and significance” of applying it. Using the learning process accurately will definitely bring about positive results. The researches decided to use three types of feedback to correct the mistakes accompanying the process of learning disc throw activity using an economic, fast and suitable way.

The goal of the research is to find out the effect of the three types of feedback (after, during and a period of time, after the performance) on learning disc throw activity. The hypothesis of the research is that there are differences with statistical significance between the results of the posterior tests foe the three types of feedback administered.

The researchers used the experimental method because it is suitable for the nature of the research.

The sample includes (45) second year students in the college of Physical Education. Babylon University during the academic year 2003-2004.

The research arrived with the following conclusions:

1-        There are no differences with statistical significance between the results of the positron tests for the types of feedback in achievement evaluation.

The researcher summarized the recommendations as follows:

2-        using the first type of feed back in teaching disc throwing for second year students in the Colleges Physical Education .


Disc Throwing, Students of Physical Education

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