Obstacles of the scientific research in emerging Saudi universities

Fakhri Khader


The study aimed at revealing the obstacles of scientific research in emerging Saudi universities, and the society of the study consisted of all the members of the teaching staff in all emerging Saudi universities and in all scientific and humanitarian specializations, for the second semester of the scholastic year 2009-2010; the study sample reached 160 faculty members, 20 members for each of the 8 universities: Tabouk, Northern Borders, Taef, Tibah, Hael, Najran, Al Baha, and Al Jouf, and the sample was selected through the international way from the entire society; a questionnaire had been prepared that includes 43 paragraph, and the statistical methods suitable to analyze the information have been used. The results of the study showed that the obstacles of scientific research in emerging Saudi universities (the Academic, economic, social and administrative) have received a moderate degree for all studying fields, it also showed that there are no differences with statistical significance at the significant level (a > 0.05) in the obstacles of scientific research at emerging Saudi universities, that are attributed to the variables of the gender and academic specialization of the faculty staff member; and in light of the results of the study, the researcher presented a group of recommendations that would hopefully benefit those who create the policy of higher education and strategic planning in Saudi Arabia and raise the efficiency of scientific research and end its obstacles.


Scientific Research, Obstacles, Emerging Saudi Universities

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