The Degree of Availability of University Instructional Design Standards in the Teaching Courses at the University of Jordan from the Faculty Members' Point of View

Narjes Abed Hamdi, Abeer K. Al-Thmeeri


The aim of this study is to investigate the degree of availability of university instructional design standards in the teaching courses at Jordan University as perceived by faculty members. Moreover, exploring if there are significant statistical differences in the availability degree of university teaching design standards in courses in Jordan University attributed to the differences in gender, academic rank and the experience of the faculty member.
To achieve the aims of this study the researchers developed a questionnaire to measure the standards of university teaching design, consisted of (71) items distributed on five domains: goals, content, instructional strategies, learning technologies and evaluation. The questionnaire was administrated on a sample consisted of (335) faculty members from different colleges of Jordan university in the academic year 2011/2012.
The findings of the study showed that the availability degree of teaching design standards as perceived by faculty members on the whole degree was high, as the domain of standards related to evaluation came first followed by standards related to teaching strategies. Meanwhile, the standards related to goals came in the fifth rank. Moreover, the findings showed that there were no significant statistical differences between the means of the samples' evaluations on all domains and the tool as a whole attributed to gender, academic rank and the experience of the faculty member.
Based on the findings of the study the researcher recommended the need of taking into consideration the development of faculty members professional development center in the university and conducting comparative studies between local, Arabic and international universities in this field.


Instructional Design, Teaching Courses, University of Jordan, Faculty Members

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