The Effective of Practical Items Related Curricula on the Development of Selective Physical Capabilities of Student of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports-in Riyadh

Ali B.A. Al Jafri, Yasser M. Mustafa, Sameer M. Mnawer


The standards and norms are considered to be one of reliable means to estimate the individuals' performance, through which it would be possible to compare and explain the grades derived from the one of the necessary scientific means for the continuity and that includes the sport domain. Measurement and evaluation could be considered purposes or goals, or as means that lead to the enhancement of progress. Thus, the athlete will have the incentive to exert more effort in order to achieve the goals set for the training and educational purposes.

The purpose of study was to identify the effect of practical items related curricula on the development of selected physical capabilities of freshmen students. It also aims at identifying the opinion of teaching staff members over the items of practical curricula, which are taught to freshmen students for the purpose of drawing up a recommended model for developing the curricula.

 Researchers shall use the experimental curriculum, and the research sample was represented in the teaching staff members who teach the those subjects for academic year 1426H/1427H.Researchers used the capability tests qualifying for joining the faculty of physical education and sports. The first application was performed prior to the beginning of the academic year, however the second application was performed before the end of the current academic year, likewise, a list of the curricula items used for finding opinion of teaching staff members, with respect to their curricula, so as to be in conformity with the current stage.


Physical Ability, Physical Capability, Practical Related Experience in PE, Effective Teaching.

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