The Effect of Using Plyometric Exercises in Developing Physical and Skillful Performance in Strike and Block Skill of Volleyball

Khaleel I. Al–Hadithi, Shaker M. Abdullah


The paper aims at depicting the effect of using Plyometric exercises in developing the level of physical and skillful performance in strike and block skills of volleyball. It has been condected at AL–Ramadi volleyball Team for the year2003–2004.

The number of the players was (12) divided into two groups of (6) players each- Plyometric exercises have been applied at the expermintal group, while the control group followed the ordinary training program Plyometric exercises have been added to training units in physical and skillful abilities under study during the period of the experiment from 18/1/2005 to 11/4/2005. Optical tests have been carried out after completing the training program.

After data collecting and statistically processing it has been found that the two adopted training programs are effective in developing the performance level of physical and skillful abilities under investigation with a precedence to Plyometric exercises over the followed program. It is recommended that Plyometric exercises should be introduced to develop physical abilities of explosive power and skillful abilities of kanatic orientation that coincidey with physical abilities.


Plyometric Exercises, Strike Skills, Block Skills, Volleyball.

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