The Degree of Challenges that Face the Jordanian's Party Work as Perceived by Faculty Members: (The Political Science Department and professors of National Education course at the Universities of Jordan)

Mallouh Mfadi Al-slaihat


This study aimed at identifying the challenges that face the Jordanian's party work as perceived by faculty members in the political science department and professors of national education course at the universities of Jordan. The sample composed of (180) faculty members of the Political Science department and professors of national education course in the first semester of 2009/2010. The researcher utilized a tool composed of three dimensions and (35) items .
Findings of the study revealed that the challenges regarding the first and second dimension had a medium degree while thus results of the third dimension was a low degree. Moreover, results showed that no significant differences due to university and academic rank variables but there is a significant differences due to area specialty and favour of Political Science.


Party Work, Jordan

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