Difficulties Facing Practical Education Students at the University of Jordan at the Practical Training University

Raed Abu-Latifeh, Shahinaz Isaa


This study is a descriptive study. It aimed at determining the problems faced by Practical Educational Student at the Practical Training program in the University of Jordan. The sample of this study consisted of (42) classroom teachers student, (12) principals, and (36) cooperative teachers.
The results revealed that there were many difficulties that faced the student teachers practical training; the most prominent were: long distance of the cooperative school from students' housing location, distribution of the student teachers to the cooperative teachers without taking their opinions, the fact that student teachers were assigned many tasks by the cooperative teachers. Furthermore, the lack of school facilities and equipment moreover. The negative attitude that school students showed toward the student teachers at some cooperative schools. Finally, some student teachers were forced to by the text books due to the fact that the school administration refused to lend them the books. Based on the foregoing findings the researchers recommended that the educational training program needs to consider the place of residence when student teachers apply for cooperative schools, select appropriate schools equipped to facilitate the process of training, and select of teachers collaborating teachers based on student teachers' choices.


Practical Education, Student Teacher.

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