The Effectiveness of the Study Units Based on the E-Learning in Developing Some Skills of Historical Research for Eleventh Grade Students in Riyadh

Fawzeya M. Aba Al-Khail


The study aimed at developing a unit based on e-learning entitled "King Abdulaziz AlSaud". Then, the unit’s effectiveness in developing the historical skills for first year secondary school level students was investigated. The study utilized the experimental One Group Pre-test Post-test Design. The subjects of the study were 20 first-year secondary school level students from Najd school during the second semester of the 2005/2006 academic year.

The results of the study showed; there were statistically significant differences at the (œ= 0.01 level) between pre-test and post-test results of the test measuring historical skills in favor of the post-test application. Moreover, the results of the Effect Size (ń2) analyses, which showed a value of 94%, clearly revealed the effectiveness of applying the electronic unit on developing some skills of historical research. In light of the above results, the researcher recommends developing localized educational and technical standard and specifications for the design of e-learning curriculum. And develop the collection, storage of historical evidences that is linked to the curriculum in order to benefits both; the teacher and the learner.


Electronic Learning, King Abdulaziz , Historical Skills

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