Designing Mathematics Unit Using De Bono's Six Hats Method Higher Cognitive Processes Test, and the Decision Making Ability Scale to female Intermediate Students In Saudi Arabia

Mona Saad Al-Ghamdee


This study aimed at designing lessons of "3 dimension geometry" unit, using the De Bono six hats method and construct higher cognitive processes test in the same unit and scale of decision-making ability for intermediate third-grade students in Saudi Arabia.
The study reached the following results:
1- Lessons of the "3 dimension geometry" unit using the six hats method.
2- The higher cognitive processes test in the same unit.
3- The ability of decision making scale.
This study applied to the descriptive analytical designs. In light of the research results, the researcher submitted a number of recommendations which can be beneficial in teaching mathematics in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Design, Unit, Mathematics, Six Hats, Higher Cognitive Processes, Decision – Making Ability

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