The Effect of a Proposed Training Program on Some Fitness Factors upon Hashemite University Students

Emad Serdah, Faleh abu eid


This study aimed at determining the effect of proposed training program on Some Fitness Factor (Cardio respiratory Endurance, body strength, running 50M in water, running 100M on field. and Flexibility) in water environment, on Hashemite university students. To find out the effect of improving these variables.
The Subjects in this study was Comprised of (22) Male students from Hashemite university. The group submitted to a proposed Training program for eight weeks, on 3 weekly sessions.
The results shoes Significant differences in the all variables of the study between the pre-test and the post-test in favor of the post-test results.
Upon the results of the study, the researchers recommended using a water exercise as an affective way on physical Fitness factors. And be included as part of the training programs.


Swimming Training Fitness Factors

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