The Degree of Awareness of the Graduate Students at the University of Jordan towards the Concept of Information Literacy and their Level of Information Literacy Skills

Maisoon Bin Yahya, Narjes Hamdi


The purpose of this study was to investigate the degree of awareness of the graduate students at the University of Jordan towards the concept of information literacy, and the level of their information literacy skills. A questionnaire and a test were built and validated. The sample consisted of (166) graduates from four colleges. Findings demonstrated that students have a high degree of information literacy awareness and a high level of skills related to it. However, the results indicated that students faced difficulties with evaluating information, and they have a misconception about the concept of information literacy. Moreover, the study revealed significant differences between students were to the advantage of those at the humanistic colleges. Recommendations for improving the awareness of information literacy in the Arab world, and concentrating on evaluation skills and the students at the scientific colleges were made.


Information literacy, Graduates, Degree of Awareness, Information Literacy Skills

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