The Effect of Using the Questionnaire Model in Acquiring some Articles of the Rule of Handball and Retaining it

Hamid Mustafa Bilbas


This research aims at discovering the effect of using questions in acquiring some articles of the rule of handball and retaining it.
The researcher uses the Experimental Approach and applied it them on a sample of (24) students in which they are divided into two groups, each group contains (12) students.
The researcher has used the (sequences matrixes) of G.C. Ravin which is applied in Iraqi environment to measure the degree of (intelligence) of each student.
Then the students are divided into two groups. The first group (experimental group) which has who were taught by the use of (questions), and the second group (controlled group) the students who are taught by the use of traditional method.
The time devoted for the program was (6 weeks), each week covered only one unit, and the time for each unit was (90) minutes. The implementation of the program has started on Monday the 23-feb-2008 and lasted till Monday the 31-March-2008. At the end of the program, on the 1st-April-2008, the post-test was used to get data on some articles of the law of handball.
A week after the post test, the researcher made the (Retention Test) on the 8th-April-2008 and used the following statistical means (mathematical means, standard deviation, T (tests) for the equal number of the sample T (test) was used to find the differences between the mathematical means.
Based on the results of the research, the following conclusions have been drawn:
- The questionnaire model is more effective than the traditional method in acquiring information and both groups are the same in acquiring some of the articles of the laws of handball.
- The two groups are equal in the absolute retention deal in the acquisition of some law sections of the handball.


Questionnaire Model, Acquired, Law of Handball, Retention

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